Collecting accurate payment for the work we do as auto glass companies can be the most complicated part of the process.  The more complex and involved the process becomes, the harder the administrative requirements are—and the more difficult it is to get paid.

The new claims environment has shifted. Today, multiple parties within an insurance carrier can be involved. In addition, outsourced vendors retained by insurers can complicate the process with various communication barriers. Sometimes the hardest part of any repair is just knowing where to send the final invoices and who makes the payment decisions. You must understand negotiation to ease frustration and increase your paid and closed files.

This class explores the truth about today’s claims environment and the evolving expectations of human vs. automatic processing. You’ll learn ways you can approach and steer verbal and written conversations to favorable resolutions. In addition, we’ll discuss the roles the consumer now plays in the process and the documentation tools that help them retain control. This type of learning usually costs $1,000 per person, but it is included for all Auto Glass Week™ attendees as part of your registration.

Faculty: Kristen Felder’s incredible passion for the collision repair industry has deep roots. She grew up in the family body shop performing repairs, painting and managing the shop before her senior year of high school. She accepted a position with State Farm Insurance Companies, beginning a 14-year career in the insurance industry. Her career in insurance took her from the corporate office as a consultant to leading field operations for national catastrophe teams responding to disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. Every day, her insights and experiences help her to ease the relationships between varying segments of the Collision Repair Industry. Collision Hub grew out of that desire to build relationships and interact across disciplines and encourage all parties in the industry. She is an honors graduate of Arkansas State University with a B.S. in Public Relations and an emphasis in Crisis Communications.

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